Transform raw and dirty data into savory data which makes appetite for insights!


savory := attractive to the senses, pleasently tasting, stimulating the mind
data := collection of facts

On the one hand, collecting and storing lot’s of data is no challenge nowadays and you might have plenty of it available. Unfortunately, data in its natural appearance might contain errors, might miss values or is in other ways not ready to be consumed. On the other hand, you or your management needs to set the right actions derived from insights on this very data. Savory Data is here to help: Refining your data to make it available not only for easy consumption, but to satisfy the hunger for insights.


You need somebody to train you or your team? You need somebody, to assist you with best practices? You need somebody to implement a solution for you?

Savory Data is here to help and offers different services, all around Microsoft Data Platform. Expand the sections below to find out more.


You find Markus as a regular speaker at events, big and small. Find out more here: Event list


We offer training classes based on the official Microsoft MOC courses, but are happy to tailor the courses exactly to your needs (architecture, tools, current knowledge level, …):

  • SQL
  • SQL Server Administration
  • SQL Server Development
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Building an Analytice Platform
  • Data Modelling for Applications (OLTP) and Analytics (OLAP)
  • Power BI Desktop (from Beginner to Advanced)
  • Power BI Paginated Reports / SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Self-Service AI in Power BI Desktop
  • Data Modelling in Power BI Desktop
  • DAX

Here is a list of recent consulting projects:

  • Designing an analytic architecture
  • Review of Power BI Desktop reports
  • Moving from Self-Service BI to Enterprise BI

Here is a list of recent implemnations projects:

  • Marketing Budget Report (Power BI Desktop)
  • Insurance Analysis (Power BI Embedded)
  • Invoice Reports (Power BI Paginated Reports)
  • File Process Log for Auditing (Power BI Service)
  • Multi-language Reporting in Power BI (Power BI Desktop)
  • Realtime Reporting on Credit Data (SQL Server & Analysis Services Tabular)
  • Relational Data Warehouse (Azure SQL DB / SQL Server)
  • Analytic Database (Azure Analysis Services / SQL Server Analysis Services)


Automatically Generated Insights in Power BI

Did you know that Power BI can come up with insights, automatically generated from the data in your Power BI file? This course introduces you to the feature in both, Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. You will learn about the available features to access the insights and which kind of insights you can expect. All the important things are explained with the help of slides and everything is applied in demos. Watch now:

Self-Service AI with Power BI Desktop

This book explains how you can enrich the data you have loaded into Power BI Desktop by accessing a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) features. These AI features are built into Power BI Desktop and help you to gain new insights from existing data. Some of the features are automated and are available to you at the click of a button or through writing Data Analysis Expressions (DAX). Other features are available through writing code in either the R, Python, or M languages. This book opens up the entire suite of AI features to you with clear examples showing when they are best. Buy now:

About me

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen is the founder and business intelligence architect of Savory Data. He works as a project leader, trainer & consultant for data engineering, data science and data visualization since 1994. He is an educated software-engineer, graduated business educator and professor for databases and project engineering at HTL Leonding (technical college) and certified as MCSE Data Platform, MCSE Business Intelligence, and MCT. Markus speaks regularly on international conferences (eg. SQL PASS Summit, Power Platform World Tour, Intelligent Cloud Conference, SQL Saturdays, SQL Days, SQL PASS Austria, …) and writes articles for well-known journals. In 2013 he co-founded SQL PASS Austria, in 2015 Power Platform Usergroup Austria and he organizes SQL Saturdays in Austria since 2014. He was rewareded as an Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2017.


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